5 Modern Physiotherapy Methods

5 Modern Physiotherapy Methods

 Expert Decision-Making in the Field of Physiotherapy

It must be said of any field and particularly an exacting science that Physiotherapy represents that there are accepted or popular ways or methods of practicing it.  Each approach is bound to have its benefits as well as proponents that would benefit from the view point.  It is the expert in the field that would get to decide as to the correct method needed in each case and proceed with its implementation.


If something definite could be said of the field of physiotherapy, then it is that is a very hand on in application.  What it means is that the practitioners should apply the hands to a particular body part to know the extent of damage as well as the extent of progress with a treatment as well.  It would not suit most occasions to have people just look over a person to ascertain the correctness of method or the effectiveness of methods used.  

Used Along With Medications

The popular concept of physiotherapy is that it is done just with the hands alone.  There is however instances when some form or medication or other is used.  This can be medicines that are taken in the inside as well as ointments and the likes that are applied on the outer body. Substances like a muscle relaxant would only improve the effect of a typical massage and in those instances that such an approach would bring in benefits it is used as well.  

Physiotherapy Along With Surgery

At times it is seen that physiotherapy needs to be strengthened with surgical procedures to bring on the best results. It is more a situational demand that seeks out this approach and never as a rule.  Surgery per se is not in tune with the typical physical nature of the treatment that is physiotherapy.  It is best for the concerned expert in the field to offer the best in terms of treatment forms and here the need for a professional approach cannot be emphasized enough.  

  • Use of Ultrasound

There are instances when large muscle groups are being considered for treatment to use ultrasound techniques.  The typical physical feel is replaced in this case by the ultrasound waves that act in a very similar manner to the physical pressure exerted by the typical physiotherapist.  It is mostly change of focus and the basic form of treatment remains the same.  

Electrical Stimulations

Most muscle movements are brought about by involving some sort of electrical signals passing through the nerves.  This causes control and contraction of the muscle parts and this effect is best used in physiotherapy by the use of electrical stimulations.  There is certain intensity when given an electrical stimulation and it is indeed conceded that there is never quite the same effect to be had by the physical action at any point of time during the treatment.  It must be said that this form of treatment would not suit those with heart conditions and those using a pacemaker.  

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